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Horizon Communications is the worldwide driving provider of end-to-end multi-merchant organize administration and OSS answers for the communicate, satellite, link, telco and portable industry. Our leader DataMiner® arrange administration stage, which has gotten different lofty honors, empowers end-to-end mix of the most complex specialized environments and has been sent by …

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EARLY YEARS 1978 – 1984 RP Group sets up its development business in Saudi Arabia in 1978 Establishes Nasser S. Al Hajri Corporation in the Kingdom Develops the Royal Air Terminal at Riyadh Airport 1985 – 1990 RP Group develops to 5,000 representatives Wins business from SABIC, a petrochemical major …

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Ramboll Hiring Now

One October morning in 1945, two youthful designers, Børge Johannes Rambøll and Johan Georg Hannemann, stood next to each other on the top of the Danish Technical University where they worked in the focal point of Copenhagen. “We remained there on the rooftop and discussed the organization we needed to …

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